Beautify Your Home at No Cost

Looking for quality and affordable artwork, Lakestevens, Vermont has become a popular location for residential painters. Famous for its scenic vistas, lakes, and serene mountain accents, the area also offers many art galleries and art stores. For many years, The Steens have been providing fine art paintings and prints to individuals, families, and professional art buyers. A trip to this part of Burlington would not be complete without viewing some of their stunning creations.

Beautify Your Home

Among the works of art that you will find in the shops located on Commercial Street are watercolors depicting scenic scenes. You can choose from a variety of landscapes such as fields, meadows, rolling hills and others. Other than watercolors, you will also find oil paintings depicting different scenic scenes. Some of these include views of Lake Champlain, Mount Washington, Franklin and Vermont lakes and the falls of Lake Wisconsin. Some pieces are actually sold at prices far below their actual value.

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As you tour various galleries, you will undoubtedly be mesmerized by some of the paintings on display. In addition to these works of art, you can also purchase fine jewelry, woodwork, rugs, and other unique items that can be found all over the area. This includes authentic Vermont maple wood, rugs and pottery Lakeville residential painters. Aside from the obvious advantages of purchasing items from a genuine Vermont home and pottery maker, you can also benefit from the reduced prices. In this economy, individuals must take all measures possible in order to minimize spending.

If you wish to obtain the finest artwork at reduced costs, you should definitely visit Burlington. The region has been recognized as a treasure trove of talented artists that can meet your needs. Although Burlington is a college town, it is home to some excellent art galleries and art stores. In addition, some local artists offer their handiwork at reasonable prices. With the wide variety of offerings, it is easy to find something to suit your tastes.

Residential painting in the Burlington area is not inexpensive, but the scenic surroundings make up for the difference. Burlington, Vt., is one of the most favored painting destinations in the country for young artists and professional painters alike. As a result, the city’s bustling downtown scene and proximity to colleges enable residents to create a studio in their spare room.

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, consider commissioning a painting in the Burlington area. Artists offering their handiwork in the Burlington area include prominent names in the painting world such as Frank Pietronigro, Raymond Baer, and Peter Young. You will find exceptional artwork at affordable prices from talented artists that will astound you with their beauty and masterful style.

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