Calleva Home Security Systems – How They Compatiblely Supports All Home Automation Needs

Vivint’s total security for the home is the ultimate wise choice when it came to home protection. A Vivint total security system is smartly designed to add an additional layer of protection to your house. Aside from being an ideal addition to an active family, it makes a fine addition to an isolated or rural house. It can be easily installed by non-family members and can be operated through a PDA or cell phone.

Calleva Home Security Systems

The main features of this home security system include: GPS monitoring, smoke and heat alarms, and video surveillance. A GPS monitoring system allows the location of the equipment to be remotely determined, which minimizes unnecessary disturbance.

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The system has advanced mapping and navigation features, which help in locating the equipment faster and in a more detailed manner vivint security customer reviews. This allows the operator to precisely locate the unit at the precise location, which eliminates the risk of false readings. In this way, the operator can determine the reason for the alarm activation with greater accuracy and speed.

The other features of this smart security system are: video surveillance, smoke and heat detectors, and a notification module with email and text message alerts. Video surveillance utilizes a mobile cam or DVR with a built-in video recorder, which can be accessed via the Internet on a laptop or smartphone. A smoke detector is included with the purchase of each unit, and with the installation of the app. All sensors are fully integrated and work in tandem with the other features of the system.

The advanced version of this security system has added features like automatic day and night monitoring, remote monitoring, a panic button, and three-way voice communication with the base station. To enable the automatic day and night monitoring feature, you need to download the CallViva iPhone or Android application onto the receiver’s phone.

The two other monitoring features – panic button and three-way voice communication – require the installation of the CallViva smartphone app. These additional services can be enabled at a nominal monthly charge from the CallViva base service.

Third-party monitoring provides additional protection by allowing authorized users to monitor the system for “spam complaints” and other indications that the system is operating properly. With this service, users can also be informed if alarms are triggered outside of the house. A good home security system should provide notification through email, text message, or an automated voice call. Users can have access to their own personal monitoring account and can manually enter contacts for notification. This feature can be highly useful in situations when people are away from their homes, sleeping, or otherwise unavailable.

Calleva smart home automation is an ideal choice for both smart and non-smart home automation. For individuals who need complete control over their home automation system, or who would like to be able to monitor their home remotely, the CallViva iPhone and Android app are a good option. For those who need to monitor services from a third party, however, the CallViva smartphone application is more appropriate.

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