Christmas Tree Trimming Party – Decorate Your Tree For Christmas!

Throwing a tree trimming party for kids is fun for the entire family. This is a wonderful way to encourage kids to be interested in their own environment, whether that is a tree, garden, or yard. There are a number of fun things that can be purchased and decorated for this occasion. Let’s take a look at some ideas that might be appropriate for a kid’s trimmings.

Environmental Protection

Depending upon the child who will receive the party favors, the decorating may differ. If the child doesn’t want any sort of decoration around the tree, like a garland or string lights, the tree trimming party can have a simpler style. Paper goods, such as construction paper or cardstock, may be used as a table cloth. String lights and ornaments may be strung from the tree branches or left on the ground for decorations. The paper goods, however, should not be glued on or attached to the tree.

Christmas Tree Trimming Party

Many children love to play “trimming” their trees. Purchasing themed ornaments and placing them around the tree can help decorate the tree without requiring the use of string lights tree trimming. For example, a red and white Christmas tree can be used with ornaments that feature both red and white stars. Small plastic ornaments could also be stuck into the branches. Pieces of fabric that matches the theme of the party can be sewn onto the decorations.

Making cookies shaped like snowmen, Santa Claus, and Christmas elves is a great activity to do at a Christmas tree trimming party. These types of decorations are not only fun, but they also serve a useful purpose. Cookies shaped like these can be used every year on the first and third Christmas tree. These same cookie cutters can also be used as place card holders for someone’s name that is being left behind.

If the tree is being trashed rather than thrown away, it may be necessary to remove the decorations. The best decorations to keep are the ones that were used last year. If the tree is a young tree, such as a pine cone, then pinecones make for an excellent addition to the decorations. These colorful pinecones are easy to find at a craft store or a hot cocoa bar.

Final Words

Another great craft idea for a Christmas tree trimming party is to make a “trimming net”. This is done by sewing a piece of fabric onto a stocking or other large item, then cutting a short length of the cloth. Place the bottom edge of the fabric on the tree. Using a pair of scissors, cut a small portion of the cloth to form a hook. This will serve as the handle of the net.

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