Coins Names – The Rising Popularity

Centuries ago, when coins were used in the trade, people usually stamped coins with names of rulers and places. This way they could track their journey back to the king or government from where they were travelling. But recently, with the progress in technology, the designing of coins has also improved.

The coins of India are no exception to this. The coins of India have adopted a variety of designs, shapes, patterns, etc. to attract the masses and make them identify themselves with this coinage.

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Coins Names

There are some coins of India that have very interesting names. Some of these are so interesting that one just gets amazed at the fact that a coin has such a name custom coins info. Some of these coins have names like Jain Bhai Mahal, Mahalaxmi, Chittorgarh Fort, City on Wheels, etc. There is also a coin called Divan Dhole Patiala, which is a very interesting coin. It has a very interesting story behind it, the story of a boy who wanted to become king and defeat the army of the French.

One can go through the list of popular Indian coins with fascinating names and find something that would be apt to imprint on their coins. The popularity of these coins of India cannot be explained only by the personal interest that the individual brings to them. The reason may be the designs, shapes, patterns, etc. Though there are many other factors that contribute to the rising popularity of these coins, none can deny the importance of the personal interest of the person to the names of the coins.

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