Home Security – Can Be Your House’s Doors Break-in Proof?

Home safety is quickly becoming an important subject of concern in America. The local news has tales almost every day of break-ins at houses and companies where the overriding method of the entrance is kicking in among the outside doors.

Through time I have spent as an insurance plan, I have been to a hundred houses to research burglaries and assist the homeowners organize their insurance case brandwerende kluis. Seldom have I discovered incidents where the thief came in through a window. Burglars almost always make their entrance by means of a door.

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Nothing wrong with this. I have never noticed a deadbolt lock neglect. The deadbolt isn’t the weakest link in the series when it comes to procuring an exterior doorway.

The weak link is that the door jamb.

For those who are not familiar with the expression”jamb,” it’s the framework to which the door is mounted by springs.

For tens of thousands of houses, flats and businesses, the outside door jamb is constructed from wood. In residential programs, the door jamb generally has a depth of 3/4″.

The screws which mount the latchplate on the jamb are often 3/4″ wood screws, and therefore are generally about 1″ from the edge of the jamb. Therefore, when a poor man strikes your door, there’s just approximately 1″ of timber at the jamb offering any opposition. 1 inch of walnut wood, as well as walnut, will not offer you much protection.

In virtually every burglary claim I have managed at which the thief came through a doorway, it had been the timber door jamb that collapsed. . .usually about the next kick.

The very best way to procuring your outside doors from break-in is to put in steel jambs and steel doors. But that may be quite pricey.

Putting a dowel, pub or stay in the trail doesn’t stop your door from being lifted from the trail.

There’s another solution that’s cost effective and works excellent!

Armor Concepts is a business based in Saddle Brook, NJ which has generated three products which solve this security issue. They are:

O Door Jamb Armor – A garage door safety and fix solution which will help prevent home invasions until they start. Door Jamb Armor may also be used to fix a previously damaged jamb and may be set up in under one hour from the typical do-it-yourselfer. These bits are made from stainless steel and are powder coated so that they will resist harsh weather and may be painted to match your doorway. You will hardly see the metal door armor after it is installed. Door Jamb Armor will let you turn any doorway into a safety door that is appealing and economical.

  • O FIX-A-JAMB – A cheap, rapid, and appealing door frame fix solution
  • O Armor Latch – A powerful and inexpensive sliding glass door protection alternative.
  • These goods are seen in big box home improvement retailers such as Lowe’s.

If you don’t protect your doors and jambs, then it is going to be more economical for you if you will just go right ahead and leave the doors unlocked. At least the burglars will only steal your possessions, not ruin your door and steal your belongings.

Now, I’d love to provide you two special accounts free of price.

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