How an Air Conditioning Jacket Works

Air-conditioned clothing is just a fancy term for clothes that actively cools the wearer by taking in the air. It’s got its start in large industrial complexes and large offices, where air conditioning isn’t easy to install, and in which temperature control isn’t easy to supervise.

Air Conditioning Jacket Works

However, it’s also got its roots in the military and construction industries – it’s big in those fields, where comfort and safety are critical, and it’s there when needed. For those people who work in spaces with temperature control issues though, the air-conditioning jacket is a real lifesaver – even if it only comes in certain colors! So what is an air conditioning jacket?

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An air conditioning jacket is basically a long sleeve shirt, whose elasticity allows it to be pulled up over one arm, and which fits comfortably over the torso HVAC Columbia SC. It has vents at strategic places in the back of the neck and has two small strips of fabric (usually attached at the top) at each side of the collar, which forms the vents in the jacket’s back.

The fabric absorbs the heat from the air, which the person wearing the jacket has to breathe, and then replaces the heat with cold air from the vents. This process goes on constantly throughout the day and is designed to keep the wearer cool enough to prevent them from becoming dehydrated.

The idea is that this process can be interrupted, however, by an unexpected shower, or even someone running down the street, but the jacket is designed so that as long as the person wearing it is indoors and wearing the vents, they will stay cool enough. The air conditioning jacket was invented by accident, when a US postal worker tried wearing an air conditioning jacket while working in hot, humid conditions – he was way ahead of the game because he was working correctly: air conditioning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

The jacket worked brilliantly, for the postal worker – and then was adopted as the standard working uniform in the US navy. Nowadays it is used not only in the navy but also in the air force and Marines, and even police forces. If you want to make sure that your loved ones remain cool, this is the ideal solution, giving them the cooling air that they need, without anyone noticing.

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