How Can I Make My Instagram Instants Disappear?

Are your Instincts telling you to “Like” on Instagram? It is a simple question to answer and yet it leaves many wondering just what their Facebook likes and comments mean. On the internet it really isn’t so simple to ascertain how something has “passed” without having a clear indication of how it was originally viewed. This is why the use of “IG Links” has become so popular among Internet Marketers looking to decipher how something on the web can be shared.

Instagram Instants Disappear

I will try my best to explain “IG Links” in this article. An IGR is a link that is created using one of several methods available to generate a link from a website or blog. These methods typically use either code or HTML to insert the necessary information into your web page and then simply click the “Ig” button to connect the two locations. I have used both methods extensively in my online marketing and advertising endeavors and while some can certainly be effective, I find that “IG Ranks” tends to yield much higher results.

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Let me explain how “IG Ranks” work. If you go to any major IGR site such as Digg, StumbleUpon or delicious, you can go right ahead and search for a particular picture and take a look at the results that appear. You might be overwhelmed by the number of lines on a particular image and you may wonder just how many people liked this particular image.

There are a few things to consider when trying to determine how many people liked an image. Keep in mind that the likes on images do not necessarily equate to the number of visitors as the amount of time someone can spend viewing the image is just as important!

If someone views your image attachments for a length of time and chooses to not view them again, then they have “gone green” and will no longer show up in your feed The only way to determine how many people have “liked” an image is by browsing through the feed for a given length of time and identifying those who have chosen not to show up in your feed.

Keep in mind that the “like” tag will appear even if no one has chosen to display their photograph, as it is displayed for your personal use. This doesn’t necessarily mean that other users will appear in your feed; you’ll simply be identified as the creator of the image attachments.

It is also possible to tell how many image attachments appear in your feed by looking at the size of the folder. The larger the folder, the more image attachments your feed has. A single large folder containing hundreds of image attachments will certainly send a lot of traffic to your page, especially if you post new images on a regular basis.

Finally, if you see that the number of lines on Instagram is decreasing, there could be a problem with the photo or video you are using. Try removing the image attachments from your photos until the feed starts to show fewer likes, or contact the user whose page you’re trying to access and ask them to remove the image attachments. It may take a while to work, but it’s worth it if your page begins to show fewer likes in the near future.

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