Law of Attraction and Gratitude – Why Gratitude Dwindles As We Age

I began implementing more attention on gratitude in my home within the previous couple of months. About the dinner table everybody should express something they’re thankful for as we construct our dinner discussions. Lately, my 6 year-old son doesn’t have any issue making up things to state he’s thankful for, but my 11 year old has a harder time. I had been puzzled as to why this could be.

Law of Attraction and Gratitude

As I look at this more carefully, I believe back 5 or 6 decades and my 11 year (then 5) older had no problem with bed time prayers and devoting a greater being for the people in his lifetime and being thankful. So how come this is so hard for him today? I came to the understanding that because he got older he started to have more external influences and allowing them state his mind which consequently might be lowering his gratefulness as he sees increasingly damaging about him. Could this really be true for people as adults? As we develop, we Begin to let events and happenings affect and program our subconscious and we Start to restrict ourselves advertisement.

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If a baby is born, it’s not had any impacts which program their thoughts. They’re born with a clean slate without any preconceived notions or ideas Kids Gratitude Journal. The infant smiles warmly and is happy about life generally. As the baby begins to develop and become a toddler it begins to see an increasing number of items in it’s surroundings or environment and take such sights in. These experiences, both negative and positive, begin to state and program the babies subconscious thoughts and think it is simple to be.

Therefore the ego discussion begins, the chatter that’s come about in the conditioning of the subconscious.

Therefore it is reasonable that my younger kid, that has less negative encounters to affect his believing, has significantly less difficulty in seeing the wealth of things to be thankful for. It ties back into the Law of Attraction.

Lately I started noticing that my old son is starting to hang out in school with less desired pals. “It is a part of growing up, peer pressure “, you might say. I feel it’s to do with the Law of Attraction and it ties back into his own degree of appreciation. Whenever you’re positive and thankful, you vibrate at a greater frequency. Individuals or entities of like vibrational frequencies are drawn to one another.

So while my old son is having a more difficult time with gratitude and optimistic frame of mind, my younger son hasn’t difficulty with gratitude and can be happy more often than not. An guess what type of buddies my younger kid brings. Fantastic children which are also favorable. Coincidence? I believe not!

Look at a key class and you’ll notice the terrible children begin to hang out together and congregate and sit while the decent kids are inclined to be in the other side of the course and needing nothing to do with all the terrible kids.

If you’re finding you’re bringing negative individuals to your life, odds are you have allowed your subconscious thoughts begin to vibrate to some negative vibration throughout the states that you have experienced throughout your lifetime. This isn’t bad and it could be reversed. A simple place to begin is with gratitude or gratitude diary.

A gratitude journal or gratitude journal, gives you somewhere to write down 5 things that you’re thankful for everyday. It can be insignificant or significant based on what transpired on daily. It’s not the thing itself but instead that you’re putting a more positive vibration in your body when you’re grateful.

It simple, simply give it a go. Consider five things you’re thankful for every single day and write them on your gratitude diary and observe your surroundings change. It is truly the quickest way to get in working with the Law of Attraction and change your thoughts to the positive.

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