Roof Cleaning in Northern Periyar National Park

Roof cleaning in Northern Periyar National Park can be done on a regular basis to reduce the risk of falling debris and damage to property.

Roof Cleaning in Northern

The most important thing to know is the type of material that you will be using to clean the roof such as whether it is clay slate, wood, or ceramic Roof cleaning Northern Penrith. If you are unsure as to which one is best for the job then get advice from experts at the park’s visitor center. The team at the center can also give you information on other useful tips and safety techniques to help you clean the roof effectively.

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For the clay roof, you will need a brush and ladder, which can be rented from the park office for about PHP 6. You can also use other small tools such as a broom and dustpan to reach high areas where clay roofing is prevalent.

If you plan to go on top of the roof then wear waterproof gloves as there are shards of broken glass from falling glass pieces as you are cleaning the roof above your head. If you are using a ladder then be cautious not to climb too fast otherwise you may not reach the roof quickly enough to clean debris properly.

Once you have cleaned the roof, you may also want to repaint some areas if you wish. If you are not confident doing the work yourself, then hire a professional roof cleaning company who will be happy to do the work for a much-reduced price. When you decide to clean the roof yourself then it is advisable to remove all items that could create a health or safety hazard while cleaning. For example, sofas, cushions, carpets, rugs, wall panels, and electrical wiring.

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