A New Twist on an Old Tradition

The ultimate railblaza tackle box for your boat keeping all your necessary fishing gear within easy reach where you need it Railblaza Accessories. An easy to use, versatile outdoor tackle storage solution that is perfect for storing lures, hooks, rods, and even your cell phone or handheld radio. How handy! The railblaza tackle box comes as a double sided rack and console mount so can be used in any configuration.

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The railblaza tackle caddy also comes as a convenient console mount for use on lockers, side tables, boat tops, railings and any other vertical space in the cabin. So you are not forced to purchase multiple tackle storage cabinets that can’t fit into the corner of an available spot in your cabin. And the railblaza double sided rack and console mount makes the ideal railblaza tackle storage solution for your long term storage needs. It is extremely sturdy and durable to hold your heavy tackle.

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Made from heavy duty polyester canvas and rubber vinyl marine grade vinyl, the railblaza caddy comes complete with two standard hook types, one each in the front and rear sets, and there is an optional heavy duty bungee cord accessory that attaches to both ends. The rear hook set includes an extra long swivel cord so you can easily change direction quickly. The front hook set includes a heavy duty retractable cord. The front end of the railblaza caddy has a snap punch and standard hook. It can easily handle six to eight cans of paint without getting caught up in the twist and turns of a can or pallet.

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