We love our dogs. They bring us joy and tranquility.

They are always happy to see us. And in return, we consider pleasing them. We give them what we believe they require. We play games with them as tug-of-war, wrestling, or pursuing each other. When compressed it mimics the sound of a dying prey animal. Except the prey animal never expires. Through the years our k9’s predatory nature gets hormonally aroused through the way we perform with our canines. It seemed so benign hypoallergenic dogs. But then when they see a small dog they could become hormonally triggered into searching and killing the little dog. Not true you say? It happens all the time. It happens a lot at bark parks. What did the dog do wrong if that’s exactly what he learned from his master?

Photography of Three Dogs Looking Up

The side of puppies is not known by people. We’ve just been taught to relate to our dogs through love, affection and positive reinforcement rather than how to control our canines’ predatory character การ์ตูน. There are many cases of aggression and land destruction. Is it the dog’s fault or the owners? Or perhaps just ignorance on how to control dogs? Maybe blaming someone isn’t the solution. What needs to change ? Who do I need to become my dog can get calm and controlled?”

They bring us joy and tranquility Review

The reason why rewards based training doesn’t work with dogs is because dogs have a different perspective on the planet than we do. Dogs are governed by an agreed consent to cooperate through a ranking system referred to as hierarchy. This system was made by nature. And the way to restrain dogs isn’t through physical force that merely shows that our weakness. Physically creating your dog go into his kennel tells your dog you aren’t in control since a legitimate leader controls his followers emotionally. The most powerful pack member is strongest emotionally. So when we allow a dog to eliminate dismissing us we’re telling them that we are weak and not responsible.

When we see our dog displaying aggressive behaviour we might become fearful. We aren’t used to being vulnerable to this predator in our dogs and when we do we shrink emotionally. And then we have shown to our puppies that they have the right to restrain us. They might even feel as though they need to safeguard us and this emboldens them to attack other animals or humans.

Dogs play with each other to challenge each other and find out that is dominant. Games we play with our puppies inform them the way they need to react to us. When we play with our dogs we’re teaching them that we aren’t in a leadership position since a leader does not play subordinates for standing. Although some might not feel that this is true since they might have a subordinate dog that doesn’t challenge them. I am not speaking about these dogs. I am referring to the dogs which have more dominant personalities. These dogs challenge us and push us into giving them exactly what they need. These are the puppies which lunge at other dogs and proceed after threatening individuals with no approval. It shows we aren’t responsible.

Why would a puppy do so if positive reinforcement really was effective in creating a bad dog? Rewards are supernatural for puppies. I was talking to a man with an out of control dog that lunged and responded to what that went by him on his daily walk. The dog was way out in front of the guy by six feet.


The owner could not control her. He would make the puppy”sit” and the dog went crazy trying to run following the moving objects that triggered the frenzy. In the course of a single minute, the man had fed the dog six treats and stroked the dog twice. I talked to him about how to restrain his puppy and he insisted that positive reinforcement was the best way to go although it clearly wasn’t working. Possessing a dog stay when she would like to run causes the dog stress and teaches dog avoidance. It would be a lot more effective in controlling the dog to let the dog run. This dog was playing his proprietor. After all she got affection and treats for doing nothing. What a sucker.

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