What is the Worst Age to Move a Child?

This question is often asked by my clients and I can honestly tell you that there are really no cut and dry answers to this question. Every situation is different and if you are planning on moving a young child or if you have a young child in the house already, you should really think about when is the best time to move your child check it out. The reason is simple; each situation is different. I can’t tell you what will work in your situation, or what will not work.

Age to Move a Child

One thing I can tell you though is this; every person has different needs when it comes to moving. There is no one best age to move a child because each situation is different. For example, if your child has only just started school, you may want to wait until they are older to move them.

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Likewise, if your child is really close to getting homeschooled, you may decide to move them as soon as they turn thirteen or begin attending school. No matter what your reasons are, I highly recommend looking at all of your options before you make any final decisions.

In summary, if your child is too young to move home, I would recommend looking at the “worse age to move a child” solution, which would be a move out date far enough in the future to get them the help they need without forcing them out of the home. If your child is too old to move, then you may want to consider the “best age to move a child” solution, which would be a move within the current year or two. The decision is entirely yours and always remember to assess each scenario and move accordingly.

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